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Whether it’s the latest in projection technology or the cutting edge of LED video walls, we have the experience and expertise to support designers and venues in all their creative designs. Additionally, we supply the cameras, switching, and controls for IMAG systems to support video directors and engineers in capturing the artists and expanding the concert goers experience through images at the show. 

Any time you have someone on stage, and there's a screen next to them, or behind them, with a video camera providing an image of that very same person, this is called IMAG. The purpose is to MAGnify the person's "Image" so people further from the stage can more easily see them. The usage of IMAG is very common in corporate events, the hotel and meeting industry, faith-based production, etc. 

Direct view LED technology is used to create the most impressive video walls. They are very bright and are mainly used to wow audiences. For example in retail & advertisement settings, during spectacles or live performances, LED video walls are used. The LED display tiles consist of many individual color LEDs. The pixel pitch can be quite large when they are watched from afar (for live performances for example), or very small.

The high brightness, absence of inter-tile gaps and impressive colors are the main benefits of Direct view LED technology.

LCD video walls are designed for long term use. Specific measures to prevent burn-in effects are applied to allow them to play for many years, in optimal conditions. Many times, they continuously play in a 24/7 mode, which means they are rarely switched off. 


Galaxy Sound and Communication can fill all your video production and installation needs, whether a local event, house of worship, or a large scale concert venue.