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Galaxy Sound & Communications is the single source for all your staging and event needs. We have the capability and expertise to customize stage layouts and custom builds for private events, corporate functions, multi-stage festivals and concerts nation wide.

We can provide everything needed for an event, from DJ Stands to Platforms to Large scale Mobile Stages. Stages of all sizes and shapes for rent or sale to accommodate any event production needs you may have.  We offer a full line of stage solutions for any size event. Our 4′ x 8′ Staging Dimensions Decks are available in any size, configuration, and height increment. Standard stage platform sizes are in increments of 2', 4' or 8' in either direction and standard heights are in increments of 2″ up to 3′ and then 1′ up to 6′. Custom size and height stages platforms are also available in any size or dimension you need. Additionally we offer stage stairs, skirting, barricade and railing to complete your stage setup. 

If you’re organizing a concert, political rally, festival, or other large event, a StageLine stage will fit your needs. We are StageLine experts and have various models to choose from for your next rental –  SL-75M, SL-100, SL-260, and SL-320.


Our Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barricade is manufactured to withstand the most demanding circumstances of any venue. These lightweight, steel and aluminum constructed barricade sections only require two people for set up and take down. In addition, each section is equipped with the most effective, and yet the most simple, locking mechanism on the market, so that barricade walls of all sizes take only minutes to assemble.

Pipe and Drape is made up of four basic components: Bases, Uprights, Drape Supports, and Drape. All of these components, when put together, is what’s known collectively as “Pipe and Drape.” It is the fastest and most economical way to divide, define or decorate a space. It’s ultra-versatile and configurable, easy to set up, no tools required. Traditionally it’s seen at trade shows, and conventions to create booth spaces but also used to create stage backdrops, room dividers and draping for weddings, parties, sporting and political events.  

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