From the County Fair to the Concert Hall.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Design. Production. Rental. Sales.  

Galaxy Sound & Communications is the single source for all your concert and audio equipment needs. We customize each of our audio packages for private events, corporate functions, and multistage festivals and concerts nation wide.

Event Production Services

Our decades of experience attention to detail allow us to identify any challenges that may come up when developing an event. From the initial idea, full production and design until the lights go dark,  we offer our clients a collaboration second to none, sharing valuable insights to help achieve their goals with cost effective solutions.

State of the Art Equipment

Our inventory features the most advanced commercial audio equipment available. Digital signal paths, networked system integration, and wireless interface control give us the ability to create powerful experiences with increasingly flexible resources.

Experienced, Professional Staff

Galaxy Sound & Communications is comprised of experienced engineers, certified technicians, and passionate producers who have brought their talents to unique projects in diverse locations around the world. We are team players, and talented problem solvers who take pride in helping our clients reach their highest potential and success.