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Galaxy Sound & Communications is the single source for all your concert and lighting equipment needs. We have the capability and expertise to customize visual and lighting packages for private events, corporate functions, multi-stage festivals and concerts nation wide.

Galaxy employs the latest in lighting system technology. Our LED fixtures along with intelligent controllers provide a complete rainbow of colors along with the ability to strobe as well as perform many additional functions. The power consumption of this LED technology is significantly less than that of traditional lighting systems, ensuring a superior lighting show while reducing the event’s power needs.

Whether you are looking for high output multi-unit systems or a single follow spot for a corporate event, we can provide high quality lighting to fill your needs. 

Galaxy Sound and Communications offers reliable, cutting-edge lighting design and installation solutions for clients across many industries. . With more than 25 years experience in the field, we can fill all your needs for lighting design and installation. We have worked with clients in indoor and outdoor concert venues, schools, theaters, county fairs, political rallies, conferences, and many more, helping them find the right design solutions for their specific space and needs.

Our lighting team has one thing in mind: To create a lighting plan and display that guests, concert -goers, or attendees will remember for years to come. We will work closely with you to ensure we are on the same page and understand your vision. Whether you are in the market for unique lighting for your church, lighting for a 30,000 seat outdoor concert venue or a complex lighting system for your commercial building, look no further than Galaxy Sound and Communication. The myth of lighting being just for “pros” is over. From having the ability to change your entire lighting show from the palm of your hand to the most advanced controlling software,  Galaxy Sound and Communication ensures it can be as easy as one click. 

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