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AVL Sales and Installation

Design, Planning and Execution

Galaxy designers and project managers are leaders in the sound and presentation industry. We have 25 years of continuous service in the fields of designing, problem solving, operation, and support for sound and video system of all scales. Principal designers have specified and been involved with some of the most notable systems in the Central Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States.

Whatever your needs for Audio Visual projects, Galaxy Sound and Communications is equipped with the right products, the highly trained and skilled technicians and the capabilities to complete your project professionally, cost effectively, on budget, and on time. 


Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc relies on experience obtained through working with clients of many types and styles since 1977. Designers are also afforded the assistance of various computer-based technologies.

One of these technologies is the EASE acoustic modeling program, developed and distributed by Renkus-Heinz. This program allows designers to construct a model of the acoustical environment and “see” how the environment reacts to speaker cabinets being considered. EASE can generate plots that show coverage in the listening areas as well as the intelligibility based on the room’s construction. Surface materials are programmed into the model in order to provide the most accurate acoustical simulation within the program.


Stardraw is a program that is used to “sketch” how a system fits together. It is useful for the installation technicians in their work. It also is helpful in giving a pictorial flow chart of how the system is assimilated. 


Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc has a staff of experience installation technicians, led by a Field installation Coordinator. This coordinator acts as a liaison between the company and the client while work is in progress.

Safety is of the utmost concern before, during, and after an installation. Designs are formulated with safety being paramount. This commitment to safety continues throughout the installation process. With hardhats, safety harnesses and other equipment that is OSHA-compliant, the work-site is organized with safety in mind. Rigging and mounts are installed to meet, and exceed, industry standards. Extra precautions are taken in order to provide for a safe installation.  

Aesthetics surrounding installation areas is also of major importance. The installation technicians strive to perform their installation duties while respecting and maintaining the integrity of the surrounding areas as much as possible. When in doubt, technicians consult with both company personnel and client personnel when deviations are necessary.

Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc strives to treat your establishment with the utmost care when performing the installation. 


Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc includes in all installation proposals a training session. This session is being conducted at your facility with your equipment and personnel. We understand that what happens on the technical side is key to the successful operation of the system and are committed to providing practical instruction to those who will be using the equipment without the constraints of time and personnel.


Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc also provides facilities with a videotape of the training provided for future review and training of future technicians.


Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc makes service a priority for all its clients. From scheduling the initial consultation to the service after an installation, we work to maintain a schedule that is friendly to all involved. This service commitment is exemplified through the company’s phone lines being answered and e-mail being monitored 24/7/365. These two actions alone make it possible for Galaxy Sound & Communications, Inc to be more responsive to your needs. If you have an existing system that is troublesome, we have the experience and manpower to troubleshoot and perform repairs. we also provide preventative maintenance and warranty service to existing systems and equipment. 

  • Church Sound Systems
  • Computer Aided Acoustical Analysis & System Design
  • Electronic Security & Fire Alarm Systems
  • Television Studios & Systems
  • Industrial / Professional Sound
  • Integrated Communications For Schools & Institutions
  • Hospital / Health Care Communications
  • Business Telephone Systems                  
  • Data Transmission Networks
  • Theatrical Lighting Systems
  • Teleconferencing Systems
  • Automated Attendant / Voice Mail Systems

Video Walls

A Video Wall installation offers a rich, vivid picture quality and an accurate image across a wide viewing angle. They also deliver outstanding uniform brightness and consistent white balance to ensure your content truly jumps off the screen. Ideal for all video applications, house of worship to large-scale outdoor concert venues.

High Output Projection

Projectors have changed, To truly bring your content to life and share your message in a clear concise manner, a high output projector might be exactly what your facility needs. Our projector portfolio offers solutions from 1000 up to 60,000 lumens for almost any application. Contact us today for a free demonstration in your facility.